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About the Kris Sutcliffe & Amanda Roberts Team

Introducing the Kris Sutcliffe & Amanda Roberts team. In short, this is a business partnership that combines the strengths and skill sets of two well established agents, with the objective to provide unrivaled service to their clients, 24/7 availability and a delicate work life balance.


Unlike a husband and wife team, who share their downtime, weekends and family holidays, Kris and Amanda are separate full time agents. This means Kris is available when Amanda isn’t, and vice versa.

This enables them to have quality time with their gorgeous families. No missed weddings, family gatherings or birthdays, which can otherwise be the case in this industry.

The results are a happy, fresh and energetic team who can genuinely put in 200% for their clients.


Kris with a "K" Sutcliffe

0404 742 058

Profile Photo - Amanda -enhanced.jpg



0437 338 665

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